Noda Public Library OPAC Help

The method of search

Either full size or harf size can perform search.
However, in case you input the Japanese Syllabary,
please input katakana.(full size or half size)
And -search can be performed by putting a space between each word.
Please use detailed search to specify your search.
Search system is truncation.

For carrying out reservation and confirming use state

A mail address and a personal identification number need to be registered in advance at a library.
Please come to a nearby library, full a registration paper.
In the case of registration , since a library card is required , please don't forget , but have.
A personal identification number is not accepted by the telephone and mail.
If you forget your identification number , please register again.

An art of a search of audio vidual collections

If you want to know a CD and the vidual collections which a library has with a list,
the search that used a class number for is convenient.
CD's case
A11:A symphony
A12:A concerto
A13:Solo music
A14:Chamber music
A15:An opera
A16:Vocal music
A23:A Jass
A24:Rock and Pops
A25:An instrumental
A26:A chanson etc
A27:A samba etc
A28:country and western music
A29:Japanese populer song
A3:Traditional Japanese music
A4:Folk music
A5:"Rakugo" etc
If you want to know vidual collections, you can use NDC.
Enter "778" to a class number,You can have a list of movie collections that Noda public library has.

Materials you can reserved and limitation

You can reserve books and magazines (except newest one) and other materials.
Reseve limit
COMICS5 itmes
CDS2 items
If you have already reserved limits or more , we can't accept your reservation from the internet.
If you reserve materials on bookshelf , The resevetion is not handled until the next morning.
When you make a reservation by mistake or want to stop a reservation, you can cancell the reservation except "Receivable" and "Forwarding".

Confirming use state

In case you reserved materials not owned , or borrowed materials not registered ,
it is likely not be reflected on your use state.
If you want to make it clear, please call us.

Renew materials

If no one else has requested it, you can renew books and magazines until 2weeks,twice.
and you can renew CDs,visual materials and comics until 1week,once.